Thursday, 30 October 2014

First Letter

This is my new trick in literature I am trying, I named it "Spiral". 

Six "spirals" like six steps down will reveal six levels of the same  event, going deeper to the point of issue. They are showing different shades of the same development. Reader will get a new impression with each "spiral" and interpretation of the event will be changing  from step to step.

My first experiments are letters, which one the main characters of  "Shades of infinity"  Rhea is extracting  from the archives of Persep city, putting telepathic impulses into the words : what people will use for mail communication in future (may be :-)), she is using different types of interpreting them.  


(Persep City archive records)

First Letter

"Dear Mitjagh!

             I am writing you this letter to share my feelings and let you know, what is happening inside me.

               I am upset and cannot find a place for myself because of how you acted, tricking me, deluding my feelings, pretending so well to get my attention and respect for yourself, when you thought of me nothing more but a sex toy. I am in a towering rage that you demonstrated clearly so much disrespect to me,throwing those words about your feeling for Sheila right into my face, so damaging my dignity by that. And I was only giving you all the support and trying to raise you above hardness, giving you assurance in your strength. It is such a bitter feeling now to realize you are a forger, who did not appreciate my good will to you which is high valued (by others).

              I trusted you , and it hurts to know that you corrupted my trust... turned it into dust. Pain is unbearable when I think that even in intimacy you showed  some disregard and most of all for what was made just for you and only as you asked - all you responded was  a neglect of "nothing special...". It hurts as I believed you were a kind and honest man, decent and  considerate, and a gentleman - but you trampled the remains of that trust on Monday. I wish I never asked!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Visitors

CJ CATALIZER  Across the Universe  (Astral Waves remix)

The Visitors

The Visitors are coming down

To Planet Earth returning us

What we have wasted, not so proud,

They choose - return us paradise.

Collecting dust from every corner

Of Universe He twists the milk

Into the stars, becoming donor

To billion years smooth as silk.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

We are rising

Psychill/Slow Trance/Downtempo Mix (Therapist -  A Brilliant Void)

We are rising

We are running. we are falling

We are hurt... and pain is bad.

We are waiting, watch and hoping

But - all flowers are dead

We are rising, brave and fearless

Facing cold winds of the North

Wishing all could be just painless

Hunger's bold... what is it worth?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Asura - Planisphere 7 (Unreleased Extended Mix)


The voice of Siren is so sweet
It lures weak hearts neat
"I cannot stand this pain no more...
I need me! Please, don't go..."

The sailor's changed his route at once
He's in a hurry, wants to dance
From joy: he thinks his home is near
He cannot see the danger clear.

Like that a heart which used to lie
Itself is caught  by Siren's high
Voice. And instead the warning light -
The ship is wrecked in cliffs one night.

7 October 2014
Iralene ©

Friday, 3 October 2014

One door

Messiah project   Secret Window

One door

Why you think - it's you, it's me
Living life as if we - dream?

Don't be scared , don't be sad
Life sometimes could be so mad!
But inside you there's light
It could ease the toughest fight.

Jealous heart corrupts the truth
Deep inside you it's not smooth
Feeling pride and selfish lies
Intuition "blinds not guides "

New Rings 2014