Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Psychill/Progressive/Slow Trance Mix (Therapist - Escape Velocity)

And only random flashes of the light
Keep sparking in a  tingling silence, blinding
Revealing dying flowers so right
Dividing whole space to parts of timing

The melody of mind is not so smooth
It flows like a smoke, getting thicker
Improving, fixing, getting to the truth
And dropping just like water , only weaker

Monday, 22 September 2014

Chillout/Psychill/Downtempo Mix (Therapist - Ephemeral Patterns)

A Rigid Space is storming deep inside me
I try to move myself through matter so tough
If I could only stop the starlight to remind me
How pain was liquid not enough

A Rigid Space is storming deep inside me
But I am taking one more step
And whole Universe is changing rough but slightly
Rotating stars in opposite direction instead

Iralene ©
September 22, 2014

Space Ambient Mix 2 - Universal Consciousness - Meditation Music

Thursday, 18 September 2014

From "Shades of Infinity"

- You see... sexual energies and energies of Love - are not the same things.

Creativity, the base of which is sexual energy, is global energy which is the cause of fundamentally new aught out of chaos... it is principal for Creation.

Then energy of Love just takes what was created and shapes it in forms, and develops them, evolving them further... or destroys them as unfit.

Omauha - Another Sun (Original Mix)